How The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Help You Breathe Better

The amazing benefits of Himalayan salt lamps certainly contribute to their overall popularity. The lamps are not meant to be just a fad.

Many health-conscious individuals now advocate the use of such items, whether at home or in the office.
Truly, the lamps are effective in bringing about a number of health benefits but you could at the same time rave about their overall aesthetic appeal, making them good decorative pieces in your home interior.

The lamps are chunks of Himalayan salt that have been hollowed out and creatively shaped to become a candle or light bulb.

Light glows through the huge crystal. Thus, the light emitted could range in color from pale orange to salmon pink, whatever the color of the lamp is. You could choose from various available colors available in the market so the lamp could blend with your home interior.

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are spearheaded by their ability to cleanse, clear, and improve the air you breathe while inside the room. Heating of the salt crystal could facilitate the release of negative ions.


What negative ions are

Before you judge to impulsive conclusions, negative ions are not bad (despite the instant connotation of the word ‘negative’). In fact, those are considered healthy. Mountain air, sea breeze, and basically the air around swiftly running water could be full of negative ions.

Those improve blood flow throughout the body and most especially in the brain. Thus, it is ideal if the air you breathe contains a high dose of those molecules.

Indoor air could be low in such negative ions due to electromagnetic fields brought about by operating electronic equipment. The reduction of such helpful ions is facilitated by the use of computer monitors, fluorescent lighting, and air conditioners/heaters within a room.

Expensive air cleaners

Negative ions could effectively bind with most or all of airborne pollutants present in a room. When the bond is made, the air molecules containing pollutants tend to heavier, eventually falling into the ground preventing you from inhaling those.

There are available modern air purifiers, also called ionic air cleaners, in the commercial market today. Such items boost negative ions to cleanse indoor air. But such air cleaners are generally expensive. Users also need to periodically replace filters, which incur added costs.

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps mostly comprise intensified negative ions. The number of such ions released may depend on the size and on how warm the light bulb or candle gets. Large lamps could logically be costlier but the ideal effects could be worth it.

One edge over commercial air cleaners is that you do not need to replace any component. Himalayan salt lamps could actually last a lifetime.

A single lamp would be enough to cleanse the air in a room. You may opt to place two or more lamps if you want to further bolster the good effects. Do not worry because Himalayan salt lamps do not produce an annoying smell. Aside from the light emitted, you could not tell that something this amazing is lit in your room.

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