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Acne Face Toner | Treat Acne With Out Drying Your Skin while eliminating blemishes, acne, and rosacea

Acne Face Toner | Treat Acne With Out Drying Your Skin while eliminating blemishes, acne, and rosacea

Acne Face Toner is a skin product that helps eliminate acne without drying the skin as many alcohol-based products. Rich botanicals and Zinc PCA, Acne Face Toner deep cleans naturally and prepares skin for further acne-fighting treatments.


Many times, people with oily and problem skin attempt to cleanse their faces with products offered in drugstores and online sites, only to find the products tend to irritate their skin further, causing more problems in the process.


Acne Face Toner is better (and healthier) than such products because it does not rely on alcohol to cleanse and tone your facial skin. Rather, the Acne Face Toner uses effective naturally-based ingredients to give your face the thorough cleansing and toning it deserves, without creating more problems for you afterward.


Here are the ingredients that have been used to make your Acne Face Toner:


1. Sunflower seed extract –- fights against a specific free-radical called peroxide. (Yes, this peroxide would be the same substance that can bleach your hair, even through normal exposure to sunlight.) The sunflower seed oil has plenty of Vitamin E (which is a good antioxidant too.) You can expect sunflower seed extract to give your face added protection from environmental factors like too much sun exposure and premature aging photo-damage.


2. Rose Distillate –- also called Rosa damascene, which is sourced from rose blooms through steam distillation, is a great astringent (to remove your excess skin oils) and is also appropriate for treating mature skin, wrinkled skin, and dry skin as needed.


3. Plantain –- comes from a plant that gardeners sometimes treat as a weed, not knowing its medicinal properties. You can use plantain to treat skin inflammation, malignant ulcer lesions, and reduce the bleeding of open wounds. Plantain is believed to be safe enough even for use on children.


4. DMAE - this substance is the only product known to noticeably reduce sagging of the skin by supporting skin tone and skin firmness. It is sometimes known by its full name as Dimethylaminoethanol. It also has antioxidant properties and is known to prolong the lifespan of skin cells and prevent skin dehydration from occurring. You may also find your skin scars and age spots become less noticeable with regular use of DMAE.


5. Cleavers - –according to some experts, the herb cleavers can be deemed a cleansing herb that you may use to treat psoriasis, acne, and eczema.
Acne Face Toner has several other ingredients in it such as Elderflower, Melissa, Extracts of Nettle, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Oats, Witch Hazel Distillate, and Distilled Water. All the products found in it contribute to making the Acne Face Toner a great product to use as part of your facial skincare regimen to control acne and clear complexion.

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