7 Types Of Charming Monstera Ornamental Plants
Increasingly, monstera ornamental plants are increasingly popular and loved so that the selling price becomes more expensive. Nevertheless, plant lovers, even beginners are still willing to pay dearly to be able to own monstera plants. So, what the hell is the reason this monstera is loved by many people?

The main reason is that monstera plants have their uniqueness and beauty located on the leaves. Therefore, it is not surprising that the monstera is used as an ornamental plant, especially monstera can also live indoors. During this time, you might think that the monstera type is only one, as is often seen in the inspiring images of the room or in the paintings.

Get to know 7 Unique Monstera Ornamental Plants


1. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is the type of monstera that we encounter most often, where the surface of the leaves is perforated and tapered at the edges. Not forgetting, the large and almost heart-shaped leaf size is also a hallmark of this type of monstera ornamental plant.

Just like leaves in other plants, the color of the leaves of this type of monstera deliciosa is green. It's just that, in older monsters, the color will also be darker. This type of monstera can stay alive indoors with a temperature of 20-30 degrees celsius. Its unique leaf model will make your home look more attractive and more beautiful.

2. Monstera Adansonii

Unlike monstera deliciosa, the holes in the leaves of this monstera adansonii are only on the middle surface. So, not until it tears to the edge of the leaf. The size of this monstera leaf is also smaller with a graded dark green color that makes it look very charming.

In its growth, the stem of this monstera adansonii plant is not too rigid so you can make it as a hanging plant. Besides, this type of monstera can also grow to creep.

3. Monstera Borsigiana

Do you want to plant a monster that's not too big? Then this type of monstera borsigiana could be the right choice. The shape and model of the surface of the leaves are very similar to monstera deliciosa. It's just that the size of the leaves of the monstera borsigiana type is smaller and the holes are farther away so it looks simple.

Due to its small size, the stems of this type of monstera plant tend to be softer so that these monsters will grow dangling. This way, you can also decorate the terrace or balcony of the house by hanging this beautiful monstera borsigiana.

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4. Monstera Obliqua


Monstera obliqua is one of the most difficult species to find because its existence is quite rare. The characteristic of this type of monstera is that it has a small leaf size with a large hole motif on its surface. Also, the leaves of monstera obliqua are also thinner than other types.

Thanks to its tiny size, you can place these monstera ornamental plants on a work desk or living room table. However, it is best not to put other items around this type of monstera because its thin leaves make it easier to tear when exposed to something.

5. Monstera Variegata

Get to know 7 Unique Monstera Ornamental Plants
 Ever seen this type of monstera? Maybe most of you are just seeing it for the first time now because it is a type of monstera Variegata rarely sold on the market. If anything, it costs more than the common type of monstera.

This type of monstera looks very unique because the leaves consist of irregular yellowish-green and white colors and are not the same between the leaves of each other. For its size, it tends to be smaller than monstera deliciosa. This uniqueness is what makes the type of monstera Variegata pegged at a high price.

6. Monstera Dubia


Unlike previous species, the leaves of monstera dubia are not perforated but remain intact like the leaves of plants in general. The size of this monstera leaf is also smaller with a shape that tends to be round and conical at one end.

Although not perforated, this type of monstera remains unique because it has a very visible leaf bone on its surface thus creating a beautiful natural motif. In addition, the combination of green and white colors of this type of monstera dubia makes its presence undoubtedly as an ornamental plant.

7. Monstera Siltepecana

The characteristics of this latter type of monstera are almost the same as monstera dubia. It's just that, in the shape of the round monstera dubia leaves conical, the shape of the monstera siltepecana type is more elongated so that it resembles an oval whose ends conflate.

This type of monstera is often also called silver monstera because the center of the leaves is silver. Meanwhile, the bones and edges of these monstera leaves remain green. This type of monstera siltepecana can grow to creep.

Each monster ornamental plant has its own uniqueness there are some that at first glance look very similar. So from these 7 types of monster ornamental plants which is what attracts you the most. Don't forget to set up enough funds to buy your favorite type of monstera ornamental plant.

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