Having a house that is safe and also comfortable can be realized by equipping it with a good security system. The use of a house fence, besides the boundary of the fenced area, can also be a safeguard. The use of a house fence that has a nice design will make the exterior look of your home more beautiful.

For the type of dam house fence model pretty much once and it depends on the material and also the way of its manufacture. One model of home fencing that could be the inspiration of the exterior house decoration is the design of a Japanese-style fence.

And in this article, HealthYunara will share 8 models of minimalist Japanese house fence style that can be an inspiration to decorate your home

1. Minimalist Wood Fence

The first Model that you can sample is a minimalist wooden fence that looks simple but also elegant. This fence Model is suitable for a simple minimalist house that only has a one-floor building. The wooden fence is composed of a vertical form that only covers some areas of the house. After that, the upper part is given a wooden cover that is composed so the shape of the box and perforated in the middle. The point is to help homeowners and guests can turn to see the moment before opening the door of the fence. The main fence door is characterized by a simple arch with the upper form of the temple roof.

2. Fence with a combination of bamboo and wood

The concept of using bamboo and wood fence is suitable for a home that uses the natural concept. For example, a house surrounded by gardens or gardens. If you have small land that can make a minimalist garden in a small land. The first step is to make a fence foundation of natural stone materials. Then design a fence made from the intact old bamboo that is arranged vertically. You can control the height of the fence that fits your house size. Afterward on the top of the fence was given a mixture of old wood that also plays as a fence frame. To make the fence more sturdy along the fence was given bamboo is tied and arranged horizontally.

3. Wood and concrete Arch

If you have a house with a modern and traditional Japanese concept until you can sort the fence with a mixture of wood and concrete arch. This concept is suitable for home models with a minimalist appearance or slightly wider. Just for this fence is always mandatory to have a simple page near the house. The very unique subject of this model of wood fence is a horizontally designed layer of wood but with a long dimension that is not equally flat. After that, the concrete is like the main pole fence is used to make the entrance. In this part of the concrete pole can also be decorated such as flower place or light place.

4. Wood and iron combination Model

Wood and iron combination Model
Other types of fence designs are models of hollow iron and wood mixture. This type of fence inspiration wears hollow iron fences like the main skeleton. Afterward, the middle part was filled with a wooden fence arranged vertically. Make the height of the fence can be adjusted to house height. You can also decide on one of the minimalist hollow iron fence designs. Just create a characteristic of Japanese characteristics until the entrance is given a larger fence and form the entrance of the main fence of the Japanese temple.

5. Minimalist two-door wood fence

Minimalist two-door wood fence japanese style
If you want to make a minimalist fence design that is very simple but always uses the concept of Japan then you can make this fence. This fence design is made very minimalist with just 2 simple stacking doors. Fence Iron Hollow as the main skeleton. After that, the fence dimensions are made larger to cover the house room. Afterward in the center of the fence is filled with wood that is arranged horizontally. Make opening the fence quite easy cause by pushing the fence side for small access. Make the car entrance until the two fences are mandatory to open completely.

6. Bamboo fence design and Japanese decoration

Bamboo fence design and Japanese decoration
 If you have a house with one entrance access until you can use this model. All areas of the house are closed with a large fence from the cement chamber which is closed again with a bamboo fence. After that, the entrance is decorated with some kind of folding fence made from the wood frame and special glass. Because it is just like a makeup accent only until it needs an outer fence composed of bamboo material. This fence Model is very similar to some kind of ancient Japanese house entrance. This design will be more perfect when the garden is directly covered with Japanese grass. Don't forget to do the tips for keeping the Japanese grass fit.
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That is the 6 inspiring decoration design of the Japanese style house fence that has a minimalist shape. You can make one of the example images above to create a house fence, and also adjust the budget as well as the required materials. Hopefully, the information about this house fence decoration can be useful for all of you. Thanks.

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