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8 Types Of Hanging Flower Ornamental To Beautify Your House

Types of hanging flower ornamental to beautify your house. Hobby Gardening and happy to look at the flowers in the yard? The hobby of planting flowers is identical to the beauty, fresh atmosphere, and the smell of the calm that makes the feeling of joy happy. But if the state of the house or garden does not permit. The decorative flowers can be a completion of the Spirit enhancer and the beauty at home.

As far as you know the suitable type of hanging ornamental flowers are used, the house can also have a sense of joy that anyone feels at home.

Want to know the type of hanging ornamental flower suitable for your house? Let's discuss together in the explanation below 


1. Flower Begonia

8 Types Of Hanging Flower Ornamental To Beautify Your House
There can be many who do not know if the type of hanging decorative flower Begonia is a family close to melon, cucumber, and pumpkin. There are up to 1. 500 Begonia types originating from America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The type of hanging decorative flower Begonia also suitable for planting in tropical or sub-tropical. 

2. Orchid Flower

Orchids flower for Hanging Flower Ornamental
Orchids can be one of the most popular types of ornamental flowers in all worlds. Its exquisite and exquisite appeal makes this type of hanging ornamental flower look perfect in a variety of atmospheres. There are hundreds of orchid flower types.

This type of flower has a blooming period that exceeds the average blooming period of another flower, up to 6 weeks per time. Orchid flowers are also suitable for planting in the house, as a decoration of the yard in the house without requiring a lot of care.

3. Geranium Flower

 Geranium Hanging Ornamental Flower type is also known as Crane's Bill. The flower can be found in almost every world, but it is derived from South Africa which means it is suitable to be planted as a hanging ornamental type in the Teropis temperate country. 

4. Zygocactus or Schlumbergera truncata

 Derived from the Cactus family, Zygocactus hanging ornamental flower type requires a hefty weather make can develop well. Although it requires a painstaking treatment, the zygocactus hanging ornamental flower type can develop long and durable because of its heat-resistant nature.

In terms of appearance, Zygocactus hanging ornamental flower type looks different from the cactus type in general. The flowers can bloom in beautiful shades, ranging from white, red, pink to mixed. The form that is subject to the base of the blooming is also made to be interesting when hung.

5. Portulaca (Portulacaceae)

Also known as Moss Rose, Portulaca is a type of flower that needs sunlight and sandy soil. But no need to fear, the type of Portulaca hanging ornamental flower usually does not require much treatment although it is not regularly watered water. This type of flower is very suitable for you who are busy schedules or beginners in sorting ornamental plants. 

6. Million Bells

Just choose Million Bells! As the name suggests, Million Bells ' interest type develops in a lot and is dense, with a distance of just close to 1 inch between one flower and the other. The leaves are lit in green with a cute oval, otherwise, the flower petals appear contrasting with the main motif of yellow and red. 

7. Petunia Flower

Petunia flowe for hanging flower ornamental
Although the flower is small, do not be sensitive to the beauty of Petunia hanging ornamental flowers. With the shape of the leaves equal to the heart or oval. The crown of the Petunia can be seen in a single or double petal with a close to a charming trumpet. In some alterations of patterns, Petunia usually has a famous pattern of white, yellow, red, purple.  

8. Lobelia White Fountain

8 Types Of Hanging Flower Ornamental To Beautify Your House
White, clear, dense and so beautiful — no wonder that the Lobelia White Fountain is often used as a hanging ornamental flower that fills the basket or pots in the house. With a beautiful waterfall form, the flower of Lobelia White Fountain can develop fairly quickly and can be cultivated through the transfer of land media or pots. This type of classic hanging ornamental flower is also priced at a fairly affordable price.

Thus our review of 8 hanging ornamental flowers that can give a beautiful and beautiful impression on your home. Hopefully, this conspirative idea can make the look of the home more natural and attractive. Thanks.

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