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6 Pretty Interesting Garden Decorating Design

Pretty interesting garden decorating design - The existence of a dream house will be incomplete without a garden. The placement of a park can be done in the front yard or on the backside of the house you have.

The garden is open land, where we can put some plants, flowers and also supporting furniture such as chairs and also tables to relax.

To be easy in the process of treatment, you can put some minimalist plants, so it will not be troublesome in the treatment of the park.

Here's HealthYunara has summarized garden decorating design that you can apply to your home

1. Minimalist garden with a combination of wood floors

6 Pretty interesting garden decorating design
This small garden design is perfect for making if your house has a courtyard on the back of the house. The concept of minimalist and natural impressed by using a blend of wooden flooring makes the view of the garden increasingly neat and clean. Place some plants that are easy to treat to easily while cleaning.

2. White Natural Stone Combination

6 Pretty interesting garden decorating design
The next design is suitably applied to the page in front of the house. Using a square-shaped natural stone as a footrest will make the garden look more attractive. Place also some chairs and tables so that guests can relax in the garden front porch of your house.

3. Garden with Canopy

Garden design with Canopy
If at the front of your patio house is too open, and it feels hot during the day. Then the garden design with a canopy is suitable for inspiration. Use a wooden floor to allow the heat temperature to be absorbed properly, and put a lounge chair on the area. Try to use a slightly dark yet cool color on the canopy roof.

4. Place Fruit crops

Garden with Fruit crops
Maybe the garden is interesting enough to try, where the garden in the backyard of the house in Tanamani with a variety of fresh fruit plant tigers. Surely it would be nice if the fruit harvest can relax in the garden while enjoying the fruit directly in the picking of his tree.

5. Garden with synthetic grass

 For those of you who plan to make a garden in the backyard of the house, and do not want to bother about his treatment. Then we can put a type of Artificial turf. Synthetic grass is very easy to care for and durable.

6. Garden filled with flowers

It feels less indeed if the park is given only natural rocks and also greenery. To give a colorful feel then you can plant beautiful flowers. This can give you a comfortable stay if you are relaxing with your family in the park.

That is the 6 inspiring garden decorating design that you can apply on the front page of the house and also the page behind the house. Hopefully, one of the garden decoration designs can be your choice. Thanks.

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