For those of you who have a plan to build a house, but constrained by an area of not so wide land will certainly be difficult to design the building of the house.

Because the limited land area will make the house and also the room inside it will feel narrow. Especially if you are planning to also add quite a lot of furniture inside the house.

To circumvent the limited area of land in making a house, then on this occasion HealthYunara has summarized some designs of houses with small size but still beautiful.

Here are 6 small house designs that can be an inspiration for you who plan to build a house

6 design inspiration Small House and beautiful

Design small House

6 design inspiration Small House

Small and minimalist house size

Home with minimalist and modern design

Small-sized house design
 So, how do you think with the design of the small-sized house that has HealthYunara give? Are you interested in one of the designs of the house and plan into inspiration at the moment will build your dream home?
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Hopefully the information and inspiring small house design but still beautiful this can be useful for all of you. Thanks.

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