6 Decoration design for small size bathroom

Inspiring ideas for small size bathroom decor -  Having a home with a small and minimalist size will certainly make every room in the house is small as well. It is certainly difficult for you to try to arrange furniture and home accessories.

Similarly, the bathroom section. Surely with limited space will give a constraint in designing the right layout so that your bathroom home is clean and also neat.
For the placement of the sink or closed sitting will certainly make room rooms are narrower if the place is wrong. This is certainly making the bathroom feel stuffy and also impressed with the decoration.

On this occasion, HealthYunara has gathered some sample drawings that you can try as an inspiration designed the bathroom with a small size

Designing the bathroom with the placement of the furniture that is sure to make the bathroom at first small will feel more spacious. The use of paint color and color on the materials also affects the ambiance of the bathroom. Then you can choose the color combination of paint and also the right ceramic to be applied to the small bathroom in your house.

You can also make large enough windows so that the light enters enough to illuminate the bathroom. But still, give the curtain cloth to the window to keep your privacy awake.
The use of Windows can also function to allow the air in the small bathroom to circulate well, so the bathroom does not feel airless.

Use materials that have a rough texture so that the bathroom floor does not feel slippery if exposed to water. Or you can also use natural stone to be the floor mat in the bathroom. This decoration model will give a sense of Natural and also classical.

Here are 6 pictures of small size bathroom decorating ideas that can be an inspiration for you

6 Decoration design for small size bathroom

6 Decoration design for small size bathroom

Small bathroom decoration

 Those are the 6 ideas of bathroom decorating design with a small size that can be tried to apply to your house. You can also give a natural impression to put some indoor plants in a small size. Or by giving some flowers is also worth trying. So our review of this time in designing a small bathroom may be useful. Thanks

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