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6 Beautiful And Functional Open Kitchen Design

Beautiful and functional open kitchen design - Having a house with an open space on the backyard of the House can be converted into a relaxing place or open kitchen that has other functions.

Pretty much the design of the current house that implements the kitchen placement in an open space using the backyard of the house.

This is good enough because it will provide maximum air circulation while cooking. Because the smoke when cooking the food will be quickly carried air, rather than cooking in a closed room.

So on this occasion, HealthYunara will distribute 6 designs open kitchen with a beautiful design and functionality

1. Open kitchen with a green color theme
6 beautiful and functional open kitchen design
 Decorating the kitchen in green shades will make the atmosphere more natural. Put some ornamental plants and also combine it with some wooden furniture.

2. Decorating ideas with a rustic feel
Kitchen with a rustic feel
 This open kitchen decorating ideas bring a rustic concept. By giving some furniture with rattan and bamboo materials will make Susana more comfortable. Put some vines in the kitchen too.

3. Simple yet Beautiful
Clean and attractive kitchen display
 This kitchen design looks simple but still neat and pretty. The kitchen position that leads to the garden behind the house will make cooking time will be more enjoyable. Give green plants and flowers on mini pots to make the kitchen look more attractive.

4. Minimalist design
 The kitchen is quite minimalist and features a desk and a modern armchair. Kitchen set placement made of wood will also give an attractive appearance in this kitchen, without having to add other furniture.
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5. Industrial-themed Kitchens
Open kitchen with industrial design
This one kitchen design is quite unique and anti-mainstream, by giving design brick expose on kitchen walls. Or you can also stick a brick-shaped wall wallpaper that will give you a unique impression. You can also add some vintage-style furniture to the kitchen room.

6. Rustic Nuance
 This one open kitchen has a unique look. The blend of exposed brick walls, metallic kitchen tables, and wooden walls make the kitchen impressed to adopt a rustic theme, but still modern.
This one kitchen also adds ornamental plant decoration to keep the atmosphere to keep it beautiful.

That's 6 inspiring open kitchen design that can be an idea to organize your kitchen more interesting. By giving the right decoration in the open kitchen will certainly make the appearance more interesting.
Hopefully, information about this open kitchen design can be useful for all of you. Thanks.

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