5 paint colors suitable for vintage style home

Paint colors suitable for vintage style home - What's in your mind when you hear the vintage word? What is the classical impression or all that relates to the past? The word vintage itself can be entered into various kinds of issues. But you want to hear this word more often in the fashion world as well as the interior design of the house.

In the interior world, vintage style is one of the most desirable themes. The Vintage here is not only a thing made in the past, but it can also refer to a new one with a design that is planned to be made ancient impressed. The design of this vintage theme generally comes with industrial style, classic, shabby chic, to the traditional style that is certainly unique and charming.
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Not only classic style, but the characteristic of vintage design is also the use of distinctive vintage patterns. Generally, vintage colors are dominated by soft or warm motifs, such as peach, pink, yellow, Tosca, grey, red, green, and many more.

Well, for those of you who want to practice this classical style by combining vintage patterns, both in a spacious house and a tiny house. So check out the reviews and drawings for example below.

Here's HealthYunara has prepared some examples of vintage colors that can be an idea to decorate your home

Home Sweet Home with Vintage Peach color paint

5 paint colors suitable for vintage style home
 Speaking of the style from the ' 60-an ' in this, the vintage peach pattern is not to be missed. This vintage pattern is judged to have positive psychological impacts for its occupants, namely love.

You can apply this vintage pattern in the living room or lounge space through wall paint, novel shelves, decorative lights, and also soft chairs. Don't forget to give an extra makeup pillow so that the room doesn't impress monotonous.

The room looks fresh with green Vintage colors

5 paint colors suitable for vintage style home
This vintage pattern is also one of the patterns that are often used as accents that can share a certain impact on the dwelling. For those of you who are planning to practice the vintage concept in the dwelling, this vintage green pattern can give a fresh and calm impact.

A kind of design inside the lounge space above, green vintage pattern applied to wall shelves as well as seat holder combined with a brown pattern of rattan skeleton. Not just until there, you can also increase the touch of green vintage through ornamental plants in various corners of the room as well as a wall decoration dominated by green vintage patterns.

Elegant Vintage royal blue style

 This vintage pattern is perfect for you who want a peaceful atmosphere in your mind. This vintage blue purplish pattern is believed to bring calmness and protect the emotions of his home-waiting. Not only that, but this vintage pattern can also make the room look so chic and elegant.

You can apply vintage royal blue shades to the bedroom booth. The appearance of vintage patterns will continue to be enchanting when equipped with gold-colored paintings as well as old sleeping lamps and side tables. Not forgetting also with some other artsy decorations make raising the beauty of the room.

Not only make the bedroom, but the vintage royal blue pattern is also suitable for the kitchen. This elegant vintage pattern can be applied to kitchen walls and kitchen counters combined with a compact brown wood accent to look balance. Do not forget to make a glass and a favorite vintage plate so that your kitchen continues to look enchanting.

Excited about the yellow Vintage pattern

Excited about the yellow Vintage pattern
The yellow vintage pattern can represent the ever-bright sun pattern. Not only that, but this vintage pattern is also believed to be able to share inspiration and a new spirit for the occupants of his home. Applying the yellow vintage in the dwelling can efficiently enhance the warm atmosphere, making the room feel comfortable.

However, when you want to create a vintage pattern that is not very striking and more balanced, you can increase the touch of other patterns in makeup as well as functional furniture, a kind of pink, green, red, blue, or brown. Various ornamental plants, a kind of aloe vera, or a succulent cactus anyway you can add so that the room feels beautiful and more serene.

Vintage Tosca style that gives a gentle impression

Vintage Tosca style that gives a gentle impression
Next is a vintage Tosca pattern that is also identical to softness. You can apply this vintage style to the bedroom, a kind of inspiration above. The vintage-Tosca pattern appears through the drawer surface, a frame of bunk beds, blankets, as well as pillow sheets. Although it is not applied evenly in the room, the vintage pattern of Tosca combined with wood elements is successful to make the room look classic.

Thus 5 ideas of vintage shades of colors paint are suitable to be applied to your house, you are planning to make a vintage style home decor. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you. Thanks.

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