Models stair terrace unique and anti-mainstream - Looking for home design at present is easy enough because of very many examples of the home design that circulate on the Internet. Using unique design and giving the impression to the person who sees it. So enough people try to make it to the house that will be built. 
The terrace is a room that gives the first impression if someone visits your home. The combination of the terrace and the proper use of stairs can give a luxurious impression and make your house feel bigger. 

Here is HeathYunara has encapsulated 5 models of stair terrace house and anti-mainstream 


1. Width and flattening

5 models stair terrace unique and anti-mainstream
 Model Staircase Terrace This one uses a type of natural stone that has a large cut and done drafting as seen hovering. To apply the patio staircase design like this is a modern style minimalist house. You can choose the right type of natural rock to create a patio staircase design like this. 

2. Simple but impressed charming

Simple Terrace Stairs
 For those of you who choose to make houses on the plateau or hills. Design Ladder terrace like this is very suitable applied to your home. Design the stairs such as the classic, use marble rocks for the manufacture of stairs. The color of the marble will make the impression of your home more unique. Add a minimalist garden beside the terrace stairs to make the appearance more captivating. 

3. Wooden Staircase Terrace

Wooden Staircase Terrace
If you are planning to create a vintage style house Modren, then you can try to create a ladder design of the patio like the image example given. The use of wood as a patio floor and also the stairs will perfectly match the model of the Vintage House Modern.
Also, add chairs and mini-sized tables on the terrace so that guests can relax if they visit your house. Complete also decoration on the garden front porch by making a minimalist garden design that is easy to care for. This can make your house become more comfortable.
To make a design ladder terrace like this in the recommend using wood that has good quality, anti-termite, moist resistant, and not easy to weathered.

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4. The terrace staircase of the two natural stone models

The terrace staircase of the two natural stone models
The use of natural stone andesite as the front staircase of the house can also be tried, this can make the front view of your house become increasingly cool. In addition, the natural color of the natural stone will give an impression on your house to be exotic.
You can use the design concept of the terrace ladder that has been given. Or you can also try the design according to your taste. And do not forget to add some crops next to your home patio ladder, because it will give a comfortable and cool impression. 

5. Flattened and short

The model staircase porch is almost similar to the design on the number 1 because it still uses natural rocks as the basic material. But the concept is slightly different than before. 
Natural stone is neatly arranged on the coating based on natural stone as well. For models you can customize yourself, can also follow the design of the image that has been given. But it's back to you as well as the breadth of home pages you have.
The dark or grey color of natural stone will give an exotic impression. It is perfectly suited for the Modren-style house. Depending on how you can combine it only.

Those are the 5 design stair terrace houses that you can apply if you plan to build a house or will renovate the porch part of the house. By creating a unique look and anti-mainstream on the terrace ladder will give a different impression to your home. Thanks.

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