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4 Best-Quality Artificial Turf You Should Know

Synthetic grass is a type of Artificial turf whose surface is made as as as as possible with genuine grass. As the name suggests, synthetic grass is made from a type of plastic material made by humans or through a molding process.

Synthetic grass has several types, you can choose it according to the needs, quality, and also the price. So on this occasion, HealthYunara will discuss the types of synthetic grass. Maybe you want to try to apply this synthetic grass as an ornament at home, room, or garden.

Here are 4 types of synthetic grass that can be a recommendation for you to decorate your home to be more beautiful

1. Synthetic Grass Golf

The first type is the synthetic grass golf, surely the material used using synthetic materials. The use of grass is often applied to indoor golf courses or golf miniature courts.

The height of this golf synthetic grass is usually about 10 mm. Another advantage of this grass compared to natural grass is the surface of the synthetic grass that is smooth and soft.

This grass is also suitable to be applied to the landscape garden area or as well as a park in the office. So not only must be in pairs on the golf course yes.
This type of synthetic grass also has quite a good durability. If placed in an indoor area can last up to 8 years. And when in the same country park outside the house can last up to 6 years.

2. Cheap quality Synthetic grass Golf

 For this type of golf, grass has a cheaper price and affordable relative. The material used on this type of synthetic grass is plastic and commonly referred to as effect glass. The height of this grass is also similar to the artificial turf of good quality golf namely 10 mm.

For the treatment of synthetic grass, golf is relatively easy as the original version of the grass. The differentiator is only in terms of quality. For synthetic grass, It can last about 5 years in outdoor space and in an indoor room can last up to 6 yearly.

3. Japanese synthetic Turf

Japanese synthetic Turf
This synthetic Japanese grass is usually made with a material called a monofilament. Unlike the synthetic grass of golf, these synthetic Japanese grass is often used by people to beautify the garden of homes, offices, and also as decoration materials.

The height of the Japanese grass is about 20 mm, and it is a synthetic weed but bears a similar resemblance to the original Japanese grass. So it is very suitable to be applied as material to beautify the room or garden.
For endurance problems, this Japanese grass has better quality in comparison to synthetic grass golf. Because this Japanese grass can last up to 12 years when placed in an indoor room. And if you are in this synthetic Japanese grass outdoor room can be resistant up to 10 years.

4. Swiss Synthetic Turf

Swiss Synthetic Turf
In addition to Japanese synthetic grass, the market also has a synthetic grass that is named Swiss grass. The use of Swiss synthetic grass is also often used to decorate the garden, indoor and outdoor rooms.

Swiss synthetic grass is often used to expand the football field. The height of this Swiss grass is about 30 mm. Because it is often used for the purpose of a football field then the Swiss synthetic grass has soft textures and also resistant to the leg being walked.

Advantages of Artificial turf 

Hassle-uncomplicated treatments.
Fresh and clean grass sightings.
Environmentally friendly.
Flexible can be put on every place and room.
More water-saving.
Durable and not easily damaged if in the valve, because it is a basic material made of plastic.
The cost of treatment is more affordable than if the treatment of natural grass.
The materials used are quite safe and comfortable.

Disadvantages of Artificial turf

The color of the grass will fade if used long enough to yearly.
The surface of the synthetic grass can be flat if it is long enough or is severe. infected by a heavy object.
When the sunlight is sufficiently hot, the smell of plastic will be felt.
Because it is made of synthetic materials, this grass will feel hot when exposed to the scorching heat.
Because it is made of synthetic materials, then is exposed to the sunlight grass.
It could not be recycled.
Grass can not produce oxygen, because it is indeed a dead object.

So the reviews about synthetic grass type. By knowing the types of grass it can make it easier to choose as needed. In addition, knowing its advantages and weaknesses can also be used as a consideration if you want to buy the grass.

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