How To Perform Stroke Therapy At Home

How To Perform Stroke Therapy At Home
 Treatment of mild stroke-stroke disease is a disease that can be caused by the lack of good daily living patterns. Just as often consume drinks or foods that contain high levels of sugar.

The types of foods that have high sugar levels can trigger the emergence of diabetes or excess sugar levels in the body and also increased blood sugar levels and resulting in the emergence of stroke diseases. In addition, people who have a history of high cholesterol can also potentially be exposed to stroke.

If you or one of the family members have been exposed to stroke, especially mild stroke. And if you have consulted the doctor and also have undergone treatment in a few days and can be welcome home. So good for people with stroke disease to apply a healthy lifestyle and do not consume arbitrary foods and beverages, which will instead trigger the disease of stroke is getting worse.

In addition to maintaining a living pattern, it can also do some effort or therapy to cure stroke disease. As with your home light Stroke therapy, there are many different ways that you can do mild stroke therapy at home.

One of the ways of mild stroke therapy in the home of the missile by means of simple and traditional stroke therapy

This treatment or therapy is one way to cure stroke disease so as not to get worse or relapse. The treatment or simple and traditional stroke therapy can be done by massaging the body area affected by mild stroke diseases. As in the legs or hands, to do massage as a therapy treatment of mild strokes can provide olive oil that is indeed proven to have good benefits for health.

Treatment or therapy can be done consistently in order to see the results, whether there is a change in the direction of good or there is absolutely no change. But it would be good before doing this simple and traditional stroke therapy treatment. Consult a specialist in advance to avoid mistakes and can find out in their medical details.

Consumption of herb (Daun Sambiloto)

In addition to the steps by doing massage, stroke can also be healed by consuming some herbal herbs. As well as drinking water leaf stew Sambiloto, quite a lot of efficacy contained on the leaves Sambiloto for health. As one can be a mild stroke therapy drug in the home because indeed the leaves Sambiloto has a muscarinic effect for blood vessels.

Because of the pharmacological effect obtained from Sambiloto leaves can facilitate the circulation of blood in the body. In addition, the content of flavonoids in Sambiloto is also able to destroy blood clots in case of freezing. As a result, the positive impact of blood can run smoothly.

And also the content of potassium on the leaves Sambiloto is also able to reduce sodium and water also. Certainly the benefits of sodium and water are able to lower blood pressure in people suffering from a stroke.

But in spite of what has been explained above, it would be good if we always maintain a living pattern and how to consume food and drink. This is a good way for us to avoid various diseases such as stroke. If there is a health complaint, you should consult a doctor Who understands the field. For us to know in detail the medical action can be done. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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