Find Out The Causes And Symptoms Of Head Lice

 Find out the causes and symptoms of head lice
Find out the causes and symptoms of head lice - Head lice are small parasites that are on the scalp and survive by sucking blood on the head. In the medical world is often called pediculosis

Head lice will lay eggs on human heads. And usually, lice eggs will be attached to the base of the hair that has a closer distance to the scalp. In general, this head lice disease is often suffered by children. But it does not close the possibility that adults can also be attacked by head lice. People exposed to head lice will usually feel itchy on the scalp, behind the ears, and also the back of the neck. This is due to the saliva of head lice that creates an allergic reaction that gives the effect of itching.

What causes and symptoms of head lice?

Head lice can appear on the scalp, or the hair of a person is triggered by some factors. Such as the cleanliness of each person. Moisture in hair and scalp can also be a factor in the appearance of head lice. The hair is left wet in a long time and makes dust, bacteria attached and nested on the hair.
The next factor is like making direct contact with head lice sufferers. Such as attaching head between head or touching hair. And there are also other factors such as borrowing people belonging to head lice such as hats, comb, helmet or towel. This is potentially a big potential cause of head lice.

How long does hair lice breed?

Head lice have a life cycle like other living creatures. Starting from the mother of the lice who began to lay eggs, and the head lice attached to the base of the hair. Usually, the lice eggs have a small shape and are brown, yellow. But when the eggs are hatched have to color to the gray.

After that, the egg lice that have been hatched will become a baby lice colony which is often called a nymph in the medical world. Usually, a ticking egg will hatch in a period of 1 week to 2 weeks. Next, the baby lice will become adult lice within 7 days. This is a very fast process in the development of head lice culture.

As for the adult, ticks will have a life cycle of 30 days until he lays eggs back. Lice survive by sucking the blood of the human scalp. Head lice have color to the gray with the size of sesame seeds. If head lice are in a person who has dark hair color, it is hard to see. If head lice fall from the scalp then he is only able to survive about 1 to 2 without the intake of blood in his suction.

What is the number of head lice eggs once laying?

In the primarily the egg of head lice will be pasted on the base of the hair adjacent to the scalp. For egg size itself has a size of about 1 millimeter only. The cycles and processes of the ticks can take place within 24 to 48 hours after the marital process with the male lice. And in 1 day the female lice can lay eggs about 2 to 5 times and in a single egg, it can produce 70 to 80 eggs within 1 week.
Imagine if there are enough female ticks nested on the scalp. Then it can produce hundreds of lice eggs in 1 week. Surely this will be a nightmare for the sufferer.

Can a head lice disappear on its own?

Many people assume that head lice can disappear on their own. Because people think head lice will be gone with themselves or if mature and eventually die.

And these assumptions arise because some people who have used anti-lice shampoos and instead make the lice increasingly immune. Thus causing a person who suffers from head lice is reluctant to try other methods and let the lice live freely on the heads and let his death by himself.

But it is a wrong assumption because dead lice will still leave an egg that will hatch into a new tick. It is an enduring cycle of head lice and will be difficult to be determined if there is no intensive treatment.

Therefore, if you have a family member or close friend who suffers from head lice, you should take treatment. This can break the life cycle of head lice and minimize the potential of transmitting it to others.

How to remove head lice?

For treatment methods and how to remove head lice can be initiated by maintaining hygiene on the scalp and hair as well. Clean also your personal equipment such as comb, hat, towel, and other. Change your sleeping mat in the room or try the drying pillow, bolster your own d under the heat of the sun so that the lice and other bacteria are dead.
And to eliminate the lice that are in the hair. You can use some medicines that are proven to be a potent eradicate head lice. If the use of anti-lice shampoo does not give the best results.

Use natural ingredients to treat head lice

Some natural ingredients also prove potent in the treatment of very disturbing head lice. Such as the use of olive oil, garlic, shallots, eucalyptus oil dormitory Mayonaise. For the treatment method of head lice in a natural way, you can see the following article.

That's a quick review of the causes and symptoms that trigger head lice. Hopefully, this information can be useful for you all. And still, keep the body cleanliness especially hair to avoid the head lice attacks. Thanks.

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