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7 Ways To Remove Head Lice Naturally And Easily

7 Ways to remove head lice naturally and easily

By the way, HealthYunara wants to ask you ever have no problems with head lice or now you've experienced it again. Love once if so, yes if you've already been infected with head lice do not panic and worry first. 

In this article HealthYunara has summarized 7 ways of removing head lice quickly and certainly with simple natural ingredients

Use mayonnaise

First of all with mayonnaise, it is not only delicious as a salad escort is also a potent feeding eradicate head lice. The way is quite easy, you prepare mayonnaise insufficient then apply evenly to the scalp while in the massage gently. Use a shower cap to cover the hair and leave it for 5 to 6 minutes after that rinse your hair until it's clean.

Use kitchen salts

The second way is using kitchen salt, in addition to functioning as a flavoring. Kitchen salts have other benefits of tapping head lice troops naturally. The way it is quite easy to use, mix half a cup of kitchen salt with half a CP vinegar then mix well and insert it into a spray bottle. Spray the hair until wet and then wrap the head with a shower cap for approximately 2 hours. When done rinse the hair clean and lubricated with conditioner. 


Not only useful as a spiced dish. This one ingredient that has a sharp aroma, but shallots are also believed to inhibit the development of head lice. It's quite easy to peel the shallots in your kitchen and gently puree. Add the Candlenut oil as well to ease the shallots sticking to your scalp. Continue to apply a red onion mask to the scalp and let stand until 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

Use garlic

Puree 10 cloves of garlic and mix with lime juice. After that apply to the scalp then cover with a shower cup up to 30 minutes then shampoo your hair until clean afterward add conditioner. 

A mixture of eucalyptus oil and lime juice

The next is to use a mixture of eucalyptus and lime oil. The way to mix the two ingredients then wipe it into the hair and wait for 2 hours until the eucalyptus oil and lime juice can absorb perfectly. After that clean the hair with clean water and then comb the hair so that the dead head lice can fall. 

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Use olive oil 

Olive oil is famous for its variety of ingredients. It is no wonder this is the 6th ingredient recommended for you who want to eliminate head lice. The trick is to start by shampooing first and then dry the hair with a clean towel. After shampooing and dry with a clean towel, then apply olive oil to the scalp to leave the olive oil overnight. 

Use rice water

The last natural ingredient is rice water, how do you use it? Take the water in a rice bath and apply it on the hair and cover your head with a warm towel for an hour. Then wash your hair clean, dead lice, and scalp become clean.

That was 7 ways to briefly head lice by using natural materials. So you're interested in trying which way? Write your answer in the comment field. Thanks.

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