7 Cause The Eyes To Become Farsightedness

7 Cause The Eyes To Become Farsightedness
 Cause the eyes to become farsightedness - The eye is one of the five senses of vision that is very important in terms of eyesight. Therefore we as human beings are good to keep our senses each from a wide range of disease complaints. But often there are also some people who have eye diseases one of them is a sightedness eye is a symptom of eye disease that causes eye vision to become blurred. The eyes of the eye are divided into two near-sightedness and long-sighted, and what are the causes of the eyes? 

Here are 7 things that can cause your eyes to become Farsightedness 


Watch TV with the sleeping position

Watching TV by sleeping position. Usually, this is taken due to the comfort of its position. But this viewing position is strongly discouraged because in this position it is not always good for eye health. Good position to watch TV is good with the condition of sitting upright and comfortable position. 

Watch in a dark room

Watching TV in a room with lighting less can damaging to the eyes. Watching properly should be done in a room that has enough light. Playing smartphones and laptops in dark rooms is also potentially harmful to eye health. 

Distance too close while watching TV or playing smartphone

Do not familiarize yourself to see the TV or smartphone with a distance too close. This is because it can cause damage to the eye. 

Light brightness

Adjust the brightness of your laptop's monitor, TV, or smartphone. It is an attempt that the light should not be too bright and not too dark. By adjusting the exposure normally, it is intended to prevent such rays from damaging the health of your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes

When the eyes feel itchy there are times when we check the eyes by hand. However, this is not the right thing, because when checking the eyes, the punishment that makes the eyes feel itchy will go to the other part of the eye. 

Stayed up late

Stayed up late It is usually done by men. So it is not uncommon for a handful of men who like to turn red in their eyes due to lack of rest or fatigue. This can cause the eyes to potentially become Farsightedness eyes because the eyes do not have enough time to break. 

Rarely eat vegetables

Familiarize yourself with eating vegetables especially vegetables that contain vitamin A. Consuming vegetables is great for maintaining healthy eyes and skin. And do enough rest so that the eyes are not too tired and still consume nutritious food.

Those are the 7 things that can cause the eyes to become shortsightedness. Hopefully with this information can add to our insight together. And still, maintain the health of the eyes so as not to be exposed to long-sightedness or near-sightedness. Thanks

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