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5 Minimalist Fish Pond Design Suitable For Simple House

Raising fish is sometimes a hobby for some people. But preserving fish can also be an attraction in itself to embellish your home. Surely by creating a fish pond that has a unique design, attractive and also minimalist can give a beautiful impression on your home.

For those of you who have limited space because it only has a minimalist style house and still wants to try making fish ponds as additional home decor. So on this occasion, HealthYunara will provide some inspiration minimalist fish pond design that you can apply to your home.

5 Minimalist style fish Pond design suitable for a simple house 


1. Design Pond fish-style aquarium

5 Minimalist Fish Pond Design Suitable For Simple House
 This fish pond design to replace the concept by replacing the barrier wall with glass. This way you can enjoy the beauty of the fish that is swimming through the side. But it is recommended to keep the water cleanliness of the fish pond so that it still looks beautiful when in view. 

2. Design a natural fish pond

5 Minimalist Fish Pond Design Suitable For Simple House
This natural fish pond design is too complicated. Use a few natural rocks and also add a lifelike to make it more visible to the natural effects. You can also create miniature fountains or waterfalls for additional accessories on the fish pond. 

3. Fish pond and relaxing place

Fish pond and relaxing place
 To create a fish pond in a minimalist house, you can use the wood for the media. You can create a fish pond by giving wood on the top of it so it can be a chill-out area by adding some chairs and tables. It would be nice to enjoy a relaxing time watching the fish swimming in the pond. Use wood that has good quality and not easily fragile due to moist and wet air.

4. Classic circle fish Pond

Classic circle fish Pond
The pond of fish is not made with a square shape. But it can also be made with circular shapes with a classic impression. You can create a fish pond with circular design in front of the home page of your minimal.
Add some plants living around the fish pond and also make a fountain in the middle of the fish pond, this can reinforce the classic impression on the connective pond.

5. Japanese-style fish pond

Carrying a typical Japanese model, this fish pond can be applied to your home. Use a combination of natural rocks that are naturally natural. To give a better impression, you can also put some kind of koi fish so that the impression of a Japanese fish pond is increasingly visible.

Such is the discussion of various types of minimalist pond design in front of the house that you can try to apply to your minimalist home design. With the addition of fish, ponds will certainly make the atmosphere more fresh and cool for sure. Hopefully, this inspiration can be useful to you. Thanks.

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